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Volunteering in Tanzania



From the beginning Rafiki Projects has tried to work with the community to share experiences and contribute to develop the community around us. The objectives of the volunteer program are:


- To generate an exchange between volunteers and locals enriching both parties.

- To sensitize the participants about the situation of education and health care system in Tanzania.

- To respond to the educational and social needs of the community through the creation of projects carried out by volunteers.

We look for volunteers who are open-minded, who can solve problems, passionate about helping others and who look forward new living experiences but also with a strong preparation. Please read our decalogue of the good volunteer!


There are different ways to volunteer at Rafiki Hostel:

- Educational projects.


- Social-sanitary projects.


Many times, once the volunteer knows the reality of the country and depending on his or her professional experience, the volunteer decides to undertake his or her own projects.

This programs have been a success and, thanks to the cultural exchange, the different projects and the volunteers have been enriched, all collaborating together.

How does it work?

Once you contact with us, we will show you the range of projects we are running at the moment. Depending on your profile and interests we will tell you if you fit or not in our projects and we will advise you about how your help can be more profitable and rewarding. Volunteers will be always supervised by the project´s coordinators.


None of the volunteer programs has any cost, the volunteer will only pay for his or her accomodation. As you can see in the detailed information about projects, there is a Government fee (150$ per month) for volunteering in hospitals.

For some of the programs special capacities are required, we want to make sure that we are helpful and we don´t want to cause any negative effect in the community.

Antonio Bolaños

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